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Steigentech base is a "GLOCAL" conveyor belt strategy that allows us to be present in every niche market worldwide, meaning that we work with a global base of conveyor belt that are tailored to the local market sector and allow us to say YES WE CAN meet the market requirements, not only in terms of colors or patterns but also in terms of materials, thickness, hardness, strength, resistance, Overall we produce CUSTOMIZED BELT in an affordable quantity, satisfying the application requirements and always reducing customer costs.

Treadmill Conveyor Belts

Food Conveyor Belts

Industrial Conveyor Belts

Food Industry Conveyor Belt

PVC and PU meet the most stringent industry standards for direct, non-toxic and tasteless food contact as well as packaged product transport. High tensile strength, impregnated bottom side, easy to clean, high and low temperature resistant, anti-sticking belt surface, and antibacterial with excellent oils and fat resistance. Belt are used in the following markets: bakery, cakes, meat and poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy, farming etc.

Electronics Conveyor Belt

Steigentech develops an entire line of ANTISTATIC and NON-CONDUCTIVE belt with a smooth, antifrictional and dimensional stable surface.

Logistics and Airport Conveyor Belt

No age when it is subject to continuous temperature changes that are not affected either by the sun or by continuous ozone exposure.

Marble and Stone Conveyor Belt

Belt with a high mechanical strength, resistant to wear and abrasion and known for their long service life are used in stone conveying, polishing, grinding and other processes.

Packaging Conveyor Belt

Steigentech's offer in this sector meets safe and hygienic packaging of any product that includes accumulation and inclined belt for vertical-form sealers, capping and labeling machines, weighters checking and thermo-retractable tunnels.

Ceramic Conveyor Belt

A wide range of belt are suitable for the ceramics industry. In this industry sector, resistance to elongation, temperature, humidity and abrasion is popular using some strong grip for inclined conveyors, and PU-covered anti-adherence belt for serigraphy and finish lines.

Treadmill Conveyor Belt

Treadmill belt come in a variety of patterns of thickness and top cover, antistatic coating materials, low noise cloth, long service life, high accuracy for home and gym purposes.

Wood Industry Conveyor Belt

The STEIGENTECH line of wood processing conveyor belt is commonly used in the production line of particle board, in addition to floor processing and wood processing equipment, with good stretching resistance and high flatness.